Laboratorio Biológico de Tandil is founded in Tandil, Argentina.
Brass scraper is redesigned to obtain better preputial samples.

LBT provides laboratories in Argentina with immunofluorescent conjugates oriented to the diagnosis of Bovine Genital Campilobacteriosis, filling a gap in the market.

Research work on immunological treatment for Bovine Venereal Trichomonosis in chemoresistant herds (2nd world publication of bulls vaccination, 1st American publication, and 1st world publication of vaccination with chemoresistant strains) Vet. Arg. 980-987, 1986 and The Veterinary Bulletin, 1987.

New method for isolating Tritrichomonas foetus from big herds of bulls, through microscopic analysis of the bottom of the hemolysis tube (98.77 % sensitivity). Work presented at the 4th AAVLD Annual Meeting, Tandil, Argentina,1988.
First official protocol for the control of the conjugates used in the diagnosis of Bovine Genital Campilobacteriosis through immunofluorescence, written in collaboration with INTA and SENASA.



 BPA and SAT brucella antigens launched by LBT in accordance with the international standards of antigenic expression, sensitivity and specificity. Due to their high quality, the products soon occupy a leading position in the national market.

Research and tuning of the fluorescence polarization technology to be used in the diagnosis of diseases.

LBT takes part in the Biotechnology Fair in Atlanta (USA).
The BID through the National Science and Technology Agency in Argentina provides financial support for research into Bovine Venereal Trichomonosis.



First Argentine vaccine against Bovine Venereal Trichomonosis is developed and field tested by LBT.

The first series of TRICOVAC (vaccine against Venereal Bovine Trichomonosis) receives regulatory approval from SENASA.

LBT has a stand at Bio-San Diego international biotechnology fair, (California, USA)
LBT provides training in venereal diseases at the 3rd Course on Immunodiagnosis in Veterinary Medicine, EMBAPRA, Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.

LBT joins the Argentine Biotechnology Forum (FAB), organization founded by Nobel Prize Federico Leloir.

LBT presents at BIOLATINA the development of the fluorescence polarization technique for the diagnosis of Equine Infectious Anaemia.

LBT presents the first Argentine vaccine against Bovine Venereal Trichomonosis at AGROINNOVA (Cordoba, Argentina).

Agreement between LBT and Universidad del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (U.N.C.P.B.A.) to do research that leads, as a result, to international research work into animal genetics and virology.

LBT starts quality programme based on ISO requirements.

Development of an opto-electronic device as a prototype of the polarimeter for FPA.

Start of extension and remodeling of the facilities in compliance with biosecurity level 3 international regulations.

LBT 25th anniversary.

New subcellular antigen for the diagnosis of brucellosis through fluorescence polarization is launched on the market (BIOTANDIL DIAGNOSTICS KIT).